Astonishing: the fashion of the selfie - the self-portrait with his smartphone - would promote the spread of lice.

Marcy McQuillan works for a California company whose business is to provide natural treatments for lice. And so, she says, "I see a dramatic increase in cases of lice infestation among adolescents. Usually, I take care of young children, more inclined to get closer, to put their heads and therefore their hair in contact, to share their hats. But now, with the fashion of selfie, teens are exposed to real risks.

Marcy McQuillan says that most of the teenagers she heals are (almost) daily followers of these group self-portraits. "These young people need to be aware of this, and their parents too. Selfies are fun, but the consequences are much less so. " It also seems that lice are not the only threat: the spine would also suffer, insofar as the selfie encourages to adopt postures that overly stress the vertebrae (cervical or lumbar). Exaggerated is also what we want to add about these warnings.